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This draft is for public review and comment. ACI 318-14 1 2 Chapter 2 – Notation and Terminology May 2014 Fig. 2––Possible orientations of overhead, upwardly inclined, or horizontal anchors. 3 4 anchor, expansion —Expansion anchors may be torque-controlled, where the expansion is achieved by a torque 5 acting on the screw or bolt; or displacement controlled, where the expansion is achieved by impact forces acting on 6 a sleeve or plug and the expansion is controlled by the length of travel of the sleeve or plug.

3. 17 five percent fractile — The determination of the coefficient K05 associated with the 5 percent fractile, 18 depends on the number of tests, n, used to calculate the sample mean, , and sample standard deviation, ss. 568 for n = 10. 2. 21 headed deformed bars — The bearing area of a headed deformed bar is, for the most part, perpendicular to the bar 22 axis. In contrast, the bearing area of the head of headed stud reinforcement is a nonplanar spatial surface of 23 revolution, as shown in Fig.

6 — Diaphragms that are part of the seismic-forceresisting system shall be designed for the applied forces. In structures assigned to Seismic Design Category D, E, and F, the diaphragm design shall be in accordance with Chapter 18. 1 — Analytical procedures shall satisfy compatibility of The role of analysis is to estimate the internal forces deformations and equilibrium of forces. 2 — The methods of analyses given in Chapter 6 shall be compliance with the strength, serviceability, and stability requirements of the 47 This draft is not final and is subject to revision.

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