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Equipped at the scarce, yet now not insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings presents a synchronic descriptive survey as whole as attainable of its easy grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative feedback, permitting the reader to acquire a close to actual photo of this subject-matter.

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SA lu" lu" ah, cf. GL ›lawlu" ah‹ and Ml. 1). , in Cs. and Pt. almez “honey-barry”, from SA mays, vs. Cs. alcaide, Ct. alcayd/t “governor”, from SA alq¯a" id, or Pt. aceifa “harvest”, from SA ass¯a" ifah. , VA ›hayt‹ “wall”, ˙ ˙ › #aylah‹ “family” and ›taws‹ “peacock” for SA h¯a" it, #a¯ " ilah and ›t¯a" u¯ s‹, IQ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ›ˇgid‹ for SA gˇ ayyid “good”, Z 511 ›midatuh‹ “his table”, for SA m¯a" idah and, in Rm. transcriptions, Old Ct. algueber “runaway owner”, from SA alg¯ ˙ a" ib “absent”, with a Rm.

Nádir “admi˙ - darf “leather bottle”, - }, nahfi¯d “I know ˙by heart”, ral”, from {ndr}, from {drf ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ also detected in Alepo and Cyprus (Kormakiti) by Borg 1985:30 and in JT by Cohen 1975:63 and 110. , in which ¡ho! v. jodo (petaca). 57 Or rather an affricate; see Cantineau 1960:54–56. This type of articulation has survived only in the Modern South Arabian languages; see Johnstone 1975:7 and Steiner 1977:12. In some instances, this difficult phoneme has evolved into mere /l/, already in OA dialects (see Corriente 1978d), and the same inference must be drawn from cases like Alc.

An imperfect rendering of CA wa+ll¯ahi+ llad¯ı l¯a il¯aha ˙ ˙ velarisation ¯ ill¯a+ ll¯a, “by God, the One who there is no god but God”, with ultra-correct of ˙ ˙ every /l/, plus a dialectal addition, huwa rabb d¯ık alqibla almuhammadiyya “He is the lord of ¯ ˙ that Mohammedan qiblah”. , in Alc. , VA ›naˇssˇ abbat/t‹ “I cling”, from ˙ ˙¯ {ˇsbt}, a case of emphasis and tenseness contamination, for which Alc. has ˙ nachapát = naˇccˇ appat). 13. ’s painstaking description of this articulatory type in Granadan AA and the invention of the matching diacritics (his ›d‹ vs.

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