By Philomena Dol

Maybrat is a Papuan language that's spoken within the critical quarter of the Bird's Head Peninsula , Papua Province , Indonesia . although it really is one of many greater neighborhood languages in Papua Province by way of numbers of audio system, a complete grammar in this language has hitherto now not been published.

This booklet goals to provide an outline of the phonology, morphology and sy n tax of the Maybrat language because it is spoken by means of the folk of Ayawasi. preferably, this paintings can be utilized as a reference grammar: it offers information regarding an important structural and typological facets of Maybrat. With this in brain, the grammar is stuffed with illustrative examples concentrated round contrasts in shape and which means, that are mentioned within the textual content.

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Mapuo ‘tip’) Some examples of different positions of the stress are given in (46). No explanation has been found for these alternations, and they are therefore analysed as doublets. 36 (46) /ka|pan/ /sa|pe/ /si|mus/ /ta|son/ /to|ni/ /u|mam/ [»kapAn] [»sape] [»simus] [»tasçn] [»toni] [»umam] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ /ka|»pan/ /sa|»pe/ /si|»mus/ /ta|»son/ /to|»ni/ /u|»mam/ [ka»pAn] [sa»pe] [si»mus] [ta»sçn] [to»ni] [u»mam] ‘eel’ ‘they peel’ ‘cockroach’ ‘I kiss’ ‘their cheek’ ‘sweat’ Some forms in which stress cannot be predicted according to the patterns described above are given below.

Ayawasi [»amAx] ‘house’; [re»re] vs. Ayawasi [»rere] ‘later’; [ta»bam] vs. Ayawasi [»tapAm] ‘earth’; [na»a] vs. Ayawasi [»na:] ‘your leg’; [i»so] vs. Ayawasi [»iso] ‘road, trail’. 21 When [i] vs. [j] and [u] vs. [w] are artificially contrasted, the forms in which a vowel [i]/[u] instead of a semivowel [j]/[w] is realised were rejected (marked ‘*’) by informants. (7) *[iaf] *[»iimp´ra] *[»iuwan] vs. vs. vs. [jaf] [»jimp´ra] [»juwan] /yaf/ /yimpra/ /yuan/ ‘wound’ ‘it is tame’ ‘it is light’ *[»uata] *[»uyo] vs.

S/ /fon/ /fos/ /pun/ /pur/ ‘rope’ ‘wind’ ‘firefly’ ‘wasp’ /s/ /fo/ /so/ /tafox/ /tasox/ /tauf/ /taus/ ‘now’ ‘dibble’ ‘fire’ ‘my mouth’ ‘forest’ ‘I urinate’ /r/ /txaf/ /txar/ ‘my stomach’ ‘I know’ /w/ /safe/ /sawe/ ‘dark (colour)’ ‘torch’ /x/ /sawe/ /xawe/ ‘torch’ ‘they refuse’ /r/ /wasi/ /wari/ /taus/ /taur/ ‘smoke’ ‘waistband’ ‘I urinate’ ‘bow’ /y/ /srar/ /yrar/ ‘they dance’ ‘his molar’ /w/ /tasia/ /tawia/ ‘my heart’ ‘I cry’ /r/ /srax/ /srar/ ‘arm/leg band’ ‘they dance’ /r/ /f/ vs. /s/ vs. /x/ vs.

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