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Rosarium Prise 24 a This gloss is obscure. For various possibilities for its interpretation see OWAV. VVB: 115 etlol g1. l3~ cf. Craster: 135) ................ : .... : .............. t felchou n pi 'spleen' According to Fleuriot. the word could be Breton, though it is preceeded by the Welsh article; see DGVB: 170. It is not attested in MW and W, which cannot he used as a solid argument against the presence of this word in OW, cf. VB: 272. MB felch alongside with Irish selg is traced to *Jpelgil-, see LE IA: S-R 1.

Williams, who notcd that W disgyr ~scream, shout' is not a suitable comparanda. Instead he refers to MIr discir 'fierce' and doescair 'mean'. It was argued by Jackson, that these two Irish words are unrelated (cf. LElA: D-98), and the meaning 'fierce' does not fit the context. He holds that the word consists of a negative or adversative prefix (di.. or dy.. ), and the stern *SCOT· 'host'; then I&no great host". He admits, however, that the double final ~r is unparalleled. R. Bromwich in her commentary to I.

A Celtic Florilegium. Lawrence 1997. pp.

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