By Dr. R. Baetens, Dr. H. Balthazar, Dr. H. Van Dijk, Mrs. Rosemary Duke, Dr. P. J. Van Kessel, Dr. D. J. Roorda, Mrs. dr. Nicolette Van Santen-Mout, Dr. E. Stols, Dr. K. W. Swart, Dr. B. A. Sijes, Dr. C. A. Tamse (auth.)

In the Survey of contemporary old Works, which in accordance with customized concludes this IXth quantity of the Acta, is a discover of the hot 'Report of the Dutch learn, with feedback for destiny development'. this type of document may possibly simply be categorized as an try and carry strain to endure on monetary assets for aid of a a bit missed department of clinical attempt, certainly as a symptom of the present affliction of notatitis. a up to date exact factor 'Regeren door notas', of the periodical Beleid and Maatschappij, March-April 1976, discusses this critical Dutch epidemic of respectable note-writing, for any function, on any subject, at any time, by way of any type of authentic committee to any kind of professional physique. yet no matter if such have been the one explanation for the creation of this document, which certainly it isn't, the record will stand by itself toes, as major and of outcome. often, even though, this document makes unhappy studying. it can look that Dutch old examine and historiography lags a ways at the back of similar overseas advancements. There are acknowledged to be huge gaps in wisdom of and perception into nearly all fields of the Dutch prior and in addition a complete loss of modem sophistication. unavoidably, presently stylish suggestions resembling programming, co-ordination, and teamwork are recommended as fascinating, and a choice is expressed for the at the moment very popular socio-historical approach.

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80 These almost idyllic circumstances for close friendly relations between humanists in the Low Countries and central Europe came to an end naturally. The Erasmians, Cassandrists and the spiritualists in central Europe died out. With them died a tradition of tolerance soon to be replaced by ideologies, which instead of spanning the religious and political antagonisms, confronted one another on the battlefield. In central Europe the Counter-Reformation was represented politically by Ferdinand II and his counsellors and political Calvinism by the 'Winter King' Frederick V of the Palatinate and his associates.

Gentil da Silva, Alguns elementos, 66-7. 57. Van Durme, Archives, II, 19, 591, 593, 594, 596, 599. 43 E. STOLS but without success. Dutch merchants were approached by Fray Martin de San Espiritu who pleaded for the dissolution of the company. 58 Around 1611 Jan Snel, a Fleming living at Lisbon, negotiated about similar matters with Dutch merchants at the Antwerp market. 59 Only one of these merchants is known to us: Cornelis Matelief who had led an expedition to the east. Infiltrating into the Dutch West India Company was more dangerous.

De Ram, 'Caroli Clusii epistulae', 86: 'I know nothing about the Speculum (Mirror), but since it has been rejected by our court and the imperial privilege is limited, my licence to print is in the end also restricted, unless 1 am mistaken'. 65. Mout, Bohemen en de Nederlanden, 99. 66. De Ram, 'Caroli Clusii epistulae', 88: Ortelius to Crato, Antwerp, 8 March 1579. 23 N. MOUT political developments in Bohemia. In connexion with the Confessio Bohemica of 1575 he reported: Indeed the whole of Bohemia has joined those who adhere to the Confession of Augsburg.

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