By Erika S. Fine

ADR handbook for Judges and attorneys.

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Identification of all witnesses to be called at the arbitration hearing; and 3. identification of all exhibits to be presented at the hearing. Each party may, at the same time, file and serve a prehearing brief. Statements and briefs filed with the Private Adjudication Center under this rule are not to be filed with the court. c. Record. No official record of the arbitration hearing will be made. Any party desiring the attendance of a reporter shall make the necessary arrangements with a reporting agency.

G. Hearings— h. 1. Time limits—Presentation to a mediation panel shall be limited to thirty (30) minutes a side unless there are multiple parties or unusual circumstances warranting additional time. 2. Settlement negotiations and insurance—The mediators may request information on the applicable insurance limits and the status of settlement negotiations. 3. Subsequent proceedings—Statements by counsel and the brief or summary are not admissible in any court or evidentiary proceeding. Adjournment of hearing— 1.

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS Because attorneys have become accustomed to Michigan Mediation over a long period of time in both state and federal courts, there is little controversy about, and wide acceptance of, the process. Almost all diversity cases are referred to mediation unless they involve a constitutional right claim, and many federal question cases are admitted as well, particularly tort and breach of contract cases. The government is often a party as either plaintiff or defendant. There is no scarcity of lawyers with considerable trial experience volunteering to be mediators.

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