By Peter Jenkins

This education guide covers all facets of conducting a actual covert surveillance with a purpose to assemble intelligence and facts.

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Lf the target sees you once, unless you are wearing something outrageous, he should not be able to remember you. lf he sees you a second time and a third time, again he should not be able to remember you; he willof course, if your dress is distinct. 14 COVERT SURVEILLANCE i lr b t i ! h lf operating on foot at night, consider wearing darker clothing and be aware of laded jeans as these can shine like a beacon under fluoresclnt light or a cars headlights. Ensure that you also dress for the weather.

Com which lists the Electors Register and phone book all in one. com where you can enter a postcode and you will see a map of the area together with an aerial photograph. You will also be able to find out the cost of property, the nearest schools and pubs in the immediate area. 39 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE lnformation can also be obtained from the many directories and Inlormation providers such as Companies House. Local press The local press can often help you with information, especially if you have a particular date or point of reference.

F :,T,*,'ll i t liiH: d I ;1 : :_lu "'ni nlntiarl up r rn rrraiti^^ {^- L:ptotted waitins for him r^ toLmersb. "_;il;, niii"Ju"n,io"]n'"I,il:ffi: 'peeping' out, suspiciously teaninj against lamp posts, pretending to lool in a shop window which has iot Oeen used for years or standing against a park bench rather than sitting on-it. Their actions are unnatural and therefore come to the attention ol others. Admittedly, it is not easy trying to act. naturally whilst having a'hiOOei agenda (the surveillance) anl this only comes with practice and experience.

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