By J.H.U. Brown, J.F. Dickson

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These three data points were fitted by the curve represented by Eq. (60). 's finding (1968) was also used for estimating the effective transmural pressure for each zonal alveolar vessel. iv. Pulmonary vein. Equations for the pulmonary venous compartment are of the same general form as those used for the pulmonary arterial compartment [Eqs. (54-56)]. However, resistance, Rpv, exists not between the alveolar vessels and the pulmonary vein, but between the pulmonary vein and the left atrium. 0030 mm Hg per milliliter per second.

002 cm H 2 0 per milliliter per second. The hysteresis of the pressure-volume relationship of the lung was ignored. b. Vascular Mechanics. As is shown in Fig. 30, the pulmonary vessel in each zone was divided into four serial compartments: the large arterial compartment, the extra-alveolar compartment, the alveolar compartment, and the large vein compartment. All these compartments were modeled by the same basic model as Beneken (1965) used for the systemic vascular compartments in his overall circulatory system model (Fig.

Grodins and Buoncristiani (1967) modified Robinson's model in the following major respects: COMPARATIVE MODELS OF OVERALL CIRCULATORY MECHANICS 33 1. Pc was defined as a function of the contractile compart mental volume rather than the total ventricular volume. This is an obvious improvement, although detailed numerical information of its effect is not available. 2. The inertance of an effective blood mass, accelerated during the ejection phase, was considered. The parameter sensitivity test, however, showed that the effect of this additional factor on stroke volume and stroke external work is practically null.

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