By Albert Prodan, Andrzej Budkowski (auth.), Frank W. Boswell, J. Craig Bennett (eds.)

Modulated crystals were intensively investigated during the last numerous years and it's now glaring that an realizing in their crystallography and microstructure is prime to the elucidation of the actual homes and part transitions in those fabrics. This booklet brings jointly for the 1st time the crystallographic descriptions and experimental equipment for the structural and microstructural research of modulated crystals as defined via famous researchers within the numerous parts. The emphasis is on cost density wave modulations, and the unique research of the prototypical NbTe4/TaTe4 process offers sensible purposes of the equipment. Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy is a brand new method delivering major new insights into atomic scale info of the modulations' constructions and a bankruptcy in this procedure is included.

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