By Seth G. Jones

In Afghanistan, neighborhood groups have performed a serious function in safeguard, particularly in rural components. Afghan nationwide protection forces are vital to the top-down method, however the Afghan govt and NATO forces additionally have to leverage neighborhood groups to realize a complementary bottom-up process. This research discusses the viability of building neighborhood protection forces in Afghanistan and addresses issues in regards to the knowledge of such regulations.

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S. : United States Army, September 2009, p. 24. 4 On tribal engagement, see, for example, Jim Gant, One Tribe at a Time, Los Angeles: Nine Sisters Imports, 2009. Local Dynamics and Community Policing 17 non-Pashtuns, such as Gujar herdsmen who are attached to the khan’s lands or household, as well as families of various castes who are similarly attached. These may be Pashtuns or Kohistanis—or even Hindus or other non-Muslims. All are considered part of the khan khel, occupying widely divergent status, rights, and duties.

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