By Rajani Kannepalli Kanth

This paintings renders an uncompromising verdict at the scourge of our millennium: i.e. modernism, itself the artefact of sure past due Eurocentric propensities. It argues that, when modernism is possessed of a few virtues and benignities, they're bought at some distance too excessive a cost-indeed, a price that neither the species nor the planet can, on any scale, locate cheap. extra urgently, the writer holds that modernism imperils the lifestyles of all species and the mummy of all hospitalities, viz., the planet itself. Given the imminence and the gravity of this possibility, as portrayed within the paintings, he extra means that no different posture is in any respect, within the maximum experience, ecologically liable. We needs to, acknowledged easily, he claims, holiday with the manifold paradigms of the eu Enlightenment or locate ourselves, quickly sufficient, as mutant beings occupying an alien habitat. This publication is going a ways past the standard style of critique by means of really supplying salves and antidotes to the long-lasting malaise of our instances. It additionally deals a brand new paradigm for the human sciences finding it firmly within the species being of our hominid natures thereby annulling the spurious differences among ''nature-culture'', drawn by way of the ecu enlightenment. particularly, the booklet issues to the ''paradigm of femininity'' because the strength agent of a really genuine, and realizable (and learned) emancipation from the delusive ''utopias'' of eu, masculinist paternity. eventually, the booklet entreats us to re-examine our genuine placement in an evolving, self-fulfilling universe.

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Effectively, modernism replaced the competing ideological authority of the medieval Church with that of Science, once the latter was safely interned within its own logos of dominance. At any rate, analytically dissecting peoples, cultures, and societies, much like bisecting hapless frogs in high schools (European medicine developed on the basis of torture and mutilation of dependent and helpless peoples and species and remains, even today, supernally more intrusive, uncongenial, and discommoding than traditional therapies), as another “scientific” pastime, was only the prelude and accompaniment to the violent destruction of their cherished autonomies in practice.

Very important to recall that such myths were not the creation of some marginal cranks on the fringes of civility, as is still the prevailing impression, but at the very epicenter of the claret sipping liberal “scientific” intelligentsia, that presumably read John Stuart Mill with their feet on the fender. Modernism as a polity is based on subjugation of any and all alternates to its hegemony; and science is simply the necessary record keeping and surveying tool of the relevant subject population(s).

8) Truth, whether the adage of veritas vos liberabit applies or not is, by its very nature revolutionary and benumbing, and as such outside the quiescent protocols of normal science (I doubt there are many scientists left who can even define the term, let alone comprehend its meaning: indeed the search for truth transcendent, as opposed to knowledge, is virtually conspicuous by its absence in modernist philosophy), and the motivated pleadings of Eurocentric scholarship out to celebrate the European achievement as a unique, selfstarting feat of history.

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