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Integration in Rome and in the Roman World: Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Lille, June 23–25, 2011)

Integration within the empire less than the political keep watch over of town of Rome, her princeps, and the several experts within the provinces and towns contains tactics of inclusion and exclusion. those multifaceted techniques occur at a variety of degrees in society and at varied areas, over a protracted time period.

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Rather, it describes a certain lifeworld or some phenomenon within the lifeworld. THE EARLY CONFLUENCE WITH GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY Gestalt psychology dissented especially from the atomism of Wundt. The emphasis on the characteristic of "total form quality" of mental life, which is embodied in the very name of this school of psychology, is its distinctive feature. Some of the most representative findings of Gestalt psychology in the field of perception are described in Fig. 1. The phenomenological aspect of the Gestalt approach lies in its focus on the experience as such.

PHENOMENOLOGICAL THINKING IN THE HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY 25 How is human Being-in-the-world to be investigated as a phenomenon (for Heidegger still saw himself as doing phenomenology even if Husserl's method was adjusted and new aims put in place)? It was to be interpretative, a hermeneutics. It was to take due account of the importance of language. The collective, historical, cultural position of the individual person was to be regarded as of great weight. And, although phenomenology was no longer seen as a rigorous discipline aiming to give solid conceptual foundations to the sciences and humanities, Husserlian thinking still shines through in Heidegger, even if the kind of approach has changed.

The 'enriching' mode of interpretation (Ricoeur called this the 'hermeneutics of meaning-recollection'). This aims at a greater understanding of the thing being analyzed, but always a greater understanding in its own terms. The hermeneutics of suspicionfindsthat, behind the thing being analyzed, there is a further reality which allows a much deeper interpretation to be made and which can challenge the surface account. It involves a willingness to suspect the surface account and to question rigorously.

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