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Airco DH.2 - Windsock DataFile forty eight КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: - Airco DH.2 Автор: B. J. grey Издательство: – Albatros Productions Ltd.Серия: Windsock DataFile 19Год: 1994 Язык: английскийISBN: 0-948414-63-4Формат: pdfРазмер: 9.06 MbAlthoughtGeoffrey De Havilland's DH.2 used to be take pleasure in a few massive good fortune opposed to the Fokkermonoplane it was once now not constructed particularly as a counter weapon to theEindecker, in reality the 1st DH.2 prototype flew within the early summer time of 1915just because the first Fokkers have been attaining front. The DH.2 has a safe a spot within the annals of air warfare... eighty five

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If this is possible, what does it show? What it shows is not that it is possible to establish a moment of creation, but the reverse of this. For any such putative moment it is possible to imagine an earlier moment than that, and so any supposed moment of creation is in indefinite retreat. On the other hand, the fact that we think in these ways goes no way to establishing that the universe is logically necessary, though (from the Creator's standpoint) it is without temporal beginning. Perhaps we must recognise the strongly regulative influence that conceptions of time and space exert on individuals such as ourselves who are themselves necessarily temporal, and spatial.

Past and future exist if and only if someone is able to refer to those times as 'the present'. Who could do this? There is only one individual who could do this. Earlier in Book XI Augustine stated: In the eternal, nothing is transient, but the whole is present. But no time is wholly present. It (viz. the heart that is fixed and stable) will see that all past time is driven backwards by ETERNAL CREATION 39 the future, and all future time is the consequent of the past, and all past and future are created and set on their course by that which is always present.

One is Augustine's own, that time is the extension of the soul. This doctrine keeps God and the soul in the picture, but ASPECTS OF A DOCTRINE OF CREATION 27 constantly threatens to dissolve the otherness of the world out there, in a fashion foreign indeed to Genesis. The other is the simple opposite of Augustine's doctrine, that time is a sheer metric of the world out there. This doctrine eschews idealism by falling to atheism. The two appear in their mutual inadequacy ever and again, most recently as the unreconciled interpretations of time within quantum theory and relativity theory.

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