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4 ); Sut r a itself I it .... i11 rather have been newly coined by the probably for sake o f a cle arer e xpr ess i o n of t he conside r ed to be the mai n fun c tio n( s) of thi s vijfuina what i t a nd/ or f or t he sake of se t ting itself off agains t t he t ermi nology of the Yogacarabhumi. 334 As Y. 3. 9. 5 Sas aki ha s s ho",'n I 335 the primary meaning of the 'adanavijiklna ' seems to refer to t he fun ction of term t a k in g p o s s e s s io n of a ne .... body or ( bas i s-of-per- sonal- }existence a t the moment of Linking up (pl'atieandhi)33 6 'parigl'aha , 337 or 'upcidtina , 338 I a fun ction ....

0 3. inisamapatti has been documented, paragraph, o nly this step, in spite of being all too obvious, was taken compara- tively late. from in the preced i ng Rather fairly old elements. th e ViniscayasalJlgrahal)i does not mean that it 228 shows that the Proof Portion includes For not only for this step hut even for what liQuId seem to be a further one, viz. the explicit extension of the presence of alayavijiiana to other comparable states, there is clear proof already in the Basic Section of the Yogacarabhumi.

Mind and matter) would not. i ch have aIIalgamated there) woul d not. be able to coal esce [with aind] or / and coagulate, so as to become the proto-embryo (katata). e Basic Sectio11 241 of the Yogacarabhumi. But in one passage of 141 as we ll as in later Yogacara . 'ntified with alayavijfiana, "mi nd [ c haracterized by] sticki ng in ~ th e ma te rial sense-faculti es]". The more so since, similar to ala- ya" ijnana ~=s 8age. hich is , in the Initial stated to comprise the Seeds (bija) of the pravfttivijfia- (§ 2,13.

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