By Robert Michulec

Armor Battles of the jap entrance (2) Downfall of the Reich 1943-1945

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Of Living Valour: The Story of the Soldiers of Waterloo

Publishing to coincide with the two hundredth anniversary of the conflict of Waterloo, for the 1st time a latest British heritage tells the tale of the against-the-odds triumph in the course of the money owed of the regimental officials and squaddies whose bravery and backbone completed victory. the writer has used many unpublished resources, letters and diaries of normal British infantrymen, within the vein of Stephen Ambrose's hugely profitable Band of Brothers.

Anglo-Norman Studies 28: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2005

The newest quantity within the sequence concentrates, as continuously, at the part century sooner than and the century after 1066, with papers that have many interconnections and variety throughout other forms of historical past. there's a specific specialize in church background, with contributions on an Anglo-Saxon archiepiscopal guide, structure and liturgy in post-Conquest Lincolnshire, Anglo-Norman cathedral chapters, and twelfth-century perspectives of the tenth-century monastic reform.

Spain in the Middle Ages: From Frontier to Empire, 1000–1500

Spain within the heart a while. From Frontier to Empire, 1000-1500:

A glimpse of ... King Richard III

A Glimpse of King Richard III deals a short telling of the lifetime of one in all England's most famed monarchs. This e-book is intentionally brief and inevitably misses out quite a lot of aspect yet deals an summary of this attention-grabbing subject. King Richard III of britain was once the final of the Plantagenet Kings and the final King of britain to die at the battlefield.

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